Personalized Basketball Training

Serious Hoopz specializes in teaching young basketball players the tools they need to improve their game. We utilize our vast experience, from all levels of basketball, to create a specialized training program for all players who are eager to dedicate themselves to become better players.

  • Ball Handling Two and one ball dribbling drills, with drills ranging from beginner to very advanced. Ball handling is an area of expertise for our Trainers.
  • Shooting Work on proper form and release, with the key focus on maintaining repetition of good fundamental habits.
  • Offensive Footwork Focus on all pivot techniques, attacking out of the triple threat position, executing proper jump stops, creating space without wasting your dribble.
  • Strength & Conditioning Trainer-led drills that are intended to help increase the speed of lateral movement, vertical explosiveness, overall core strength, as well increasing your level of endurance.
  • Team Workouts We will come to your gym and work with coaches, teams and groups of athletes. If you're a coach, know that we operate with great respect for your authority and space.
We take basketball seriously. It is our passion, and we know we can help you take your game to the next level.