About Us & Our Services

Who We Are

We serve the Washington DC region, including the surrounding counties in Maryland and northern Virginia. We can come to your gym for your training sessions, or we can hold your training session at one of our preferred local gyms with top-notch basketball facilities.

We teach the fundamentals of the game in a variety of ways, and work with you individually to figure out the best method of teaching to fit your skill level. Whether your workout requires an intensity based training or more of a laid back approach, we will give you 100% effort in helping you reach your goals. The satisfaction that we get in seeing our student-athletes achieve success is what drives us and is what makes Serious Hoopz unique. Utilizing our experience working with players from every level, recreation leagues all the way to the NBA, we have the necessary tools and motivation to take your skills to a SERIOUS level!

Training Specialties

Ball Handling

Two and one ball dribbling drills, with drills ranging from beginner to very advanced. Ball handling is an area of expertise for our Trainers.


Work on proper form and release, with the key focus on maintaining repetition of good fundamental habits.

Offensive Footwork

Focus on all pivot techniques, attacking out of the triple threat position, executing proper jump stops, creating space without wasting your dribble.

Strength & Conditioning

Trainer-led drills that are intended to help increase the speed of lateral movement, vertical explosiveness, overall core strength, as well increasing your level of endurance.

Team Workouts

We will come to your gym and work with coaches, teams and groups of athletes. If you're a coach, know that we operate with great respect for your authority and space.